Proctorial Board 2017-18

The Proctorial board for the academic year 2017-18 will consist of the following faculty members.

1. Mr.Iqbal Ahmad                      Registrar and Chief Proctor           9956295572
2. Dr.Ramesh Kumar                         Proctor                                 9450409405
3. Mr.Maneesh Pandey                       Proctor                                 7844840752
4. Ms.Pallavi Shukla                           Proctor                                 9450704577
5. Dr. K.M.Mishra                               Proctor                                 9935716016
6.  Mr.Shivam Jaiswal                         Proctor                                 8004490460

 The Proctorial board will implement preventive measures to ensure highest level of discipline and also ragging free campus as per the guidelines issued by the AICTE/AKTU/Government of UP.