Personality Development Program

The objective of the Personality Development Program at LDCITS is to enhance the personality of the students thereby increasing their employability quotient. The class room facilitation and out bound training brings together the skills that students need to learn to succeed in today's business environment. To impart such skills we at LDCITS have exceptional Trainers who with their vast experience of corporate training, Technical training and Military training have devised programs to prepare students to meet the challenges of corporate world, right from their first job assignments.


Motivation, Self-motivation and Inspiration
"It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit" and also the saying goes "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" as said by Michael Jordan. The programme has been structured to inspire and motivate students to take challenges in today's business environment to craft a highly successful Career and lead a satisfying social life.

Interviewing Skills
In today's highly competitive market, going through interviewing process successfully is considered as an ongoing challenge. This Interview skills training programme provides students with the skills and techniques essential for undergoing a successful selection process. This programme teaches how to prepare for an interview, framing impressive answers to questions and techniques to face an interview. The programme includes group discussions, exercises, role-play and mock interviews.

Relationship Building & Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal Skills are fundamental to our dealings in professional and personal lives. The programme on Interpersonal Skills is designed to assess student's current levels of communication and the impact of behavior on morale and performance. It equips students with a greater sense of self-awareness and enhanced relationship skills. This is a highly participative programme, with emphasis on group learning.

Personal Effectiveness & Self Discipline
This out bound training programme enable students to enhance their personal effectiveness, apply a principle-centered approach to life and living, master the art of balancing work and personal lives, measure personal effectiveness with respect to life goals and take corrective action for planning and follow up.

Leadership Skills
Good management skills are important in any organization but successful navigation of the current course of business begins with effective leadership. Successful leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. It calls for more than just being a good manager. It demands the skills of an effective leader. The programme is conducted through mix of class room and out bound training activities.

Presentation Skills
In today's highly competitive environment, public speaking skill is considered as an ongoing challenge. The training programme, on presentation skills, provides students with the skills and techniques essential for public speaking. The programme is designed to teach how to prepare as well as deliver an impressive oral, impromptu or a formal presentation.