Placement Policy

Campus recruitment programme conducted by the college is a very vital activity for the students aspiring for appropriate placement in various organizations. With a view to be fair, equitable and transparent, the Training & Placement Cell has formulated an appropriate placement policy which is implemented and adhered by all the students at LDCITS, Allahabad and will be in force till its review at a future date.

The placement policy will be applicable to all the students registered for 2011-2012 campus placements of LDCITS, Allahabad and is to be followed during the entire duration of Placement Session.

•  The role of the Placement Cell is of a facilitator and counselor for the placement related activities. Placement Cell does not guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility / decision of the student concerned.
•  The objective of the placement cell is to provide one job for each student, where in, the facility is available to all the students registered with the placement cell through the policy 'ONE JOB TO ONE STUDENT AT THE FIRST INSTANCE'.

•  This placement policy is applicable since June 1, 2010

•  All the students expected to graduate from the institute in the year 2012 shall be eligible to participate in the placement activities 2011-2012. Students graduated in 2011, if not placed, will also be eligible to participate. Their participation is subjected to their registration with the Placement Cell.
•  The job postings along with the eligibility criteria will be displayed on the college website, T & P Notice Board and also be forwarded to the students via SMS.
•  The students who have minimum attendance of 75% in both theory and practical in every semester are eligible to sit in the campus interviews. Students below the 75% attendance need to take necessary approvals from Director of the college. Similarly, attendance in PDP & Employability Training programs organized by Training & Placement Department should also be 75%. Any failure towards the same will require approval from Chairman & Placement Cell.
•  All HOD's are requested to provide the semester wise theory and practical attendance to the Placement Cell after every semester. Placement cell is to maintain attendance records and put students for Campus interviews accordingly.

•  Students have to register himself at the Placement Cell of the Institute, submitting relevant documents / requirements for the process.
•  The students should submit their latest CV to the respective branch coordinators as a soft copy as well as in the hard copy. The Resume file should be in Ms-word (.doc) format, and the file name should contain their branch, batch (year of passing) and name eg. CS2012_manish_agarwal.doc. No other format will be accepted.
•  Companies confirming for recruitment at the campus will be categorized into 'Category A' & 'Category B'. This categorization will be done by the placement cell on the basis of various details provided by the company through 'CAMPUS PLACEMENT - RESPONSE FORM' (such as package details, job profile, number of branches, number of students etc.
•  Student must meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the company. Job postings along with the eligibility criteria's will be displayed on the college website and notice board for each placement interview.
•  Student eligible for any placement drive will have to give his / her consent before attending the same, to the concerned coordinator or at the placement cell. Failing which the candidate will be marked absent for the said drive.
•  Student needs to collect the Hall Ticket from the Placement Cell (if applicable), one days in advance from the day of activity. No candidate will be allowed to attend the selection process without the Hall Ticket.
•  Student who fails to attend the Placement Drive whether on or off campus, subsequent to his / her consent for attending the same, will be fined Rs. 500/- or will be debarred from next two Placement activities.
•  While attending the Placement Drive process, students have to strictly adhere by the following :

Punctuality : The students should adhere by timelines & maintain punctuality for all placement drives
Dress Code : Male - Strictly formals, with necktie and neatly polished black shoes.
Dress Code : Female - Strictly formals, with neatly polished black shoes.
Resume : Format as approved by the Placement Cell along with a professional photograph.
Hall Ticket : As applicable
Documents : Photostat copies of all relevant documents properly filed.


•  Students must keep their Identity Cards with them at the time of PPT / Aptitude Tests / Group Discussions / Personal Interviews and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or placement cell staff or their representatives.
•  There is no restriction on applying / appearing in interviews, until the first job is secured. A student will be considered to have secured a job, if his / her name appears in the selection list of the successful candidates declared after the process by the company through Placement Cell or an appointment letter is received in placement cell.
•  A student can procure only one job in each category and is barred to apply further in the category implied.
•  A student procuring job in 'Category B' is entitled to apply for 'Category A' company, from the point of up-gradation, wherein a student procuring a job in 'Category A' company cannot apply for any other category.
•  If the student gets offers from more than one company (different categories) then he / she must inform the Placement Cell about the job offer he / she wishes to accept, within the stipulated time period as declared by the Placement Cell or the Company. If the student fails to do so, it would be assumed that the offer has been accepted by him / her.
•  A job would be considered to be rejected only if the concerned student informs about the rejection to the Placement Cell in person along with a regret letter towards the same.
•  Up-gradation from 'Category B' company to 'Category A' company does not result in rejecting the previous offer.
•  If the student decides to participate in the placement process of a company, he / she cannot forgo it in between. In such cases, would be considered that he / she have rejected the offer.
•  A student can reject only one Job Offer.
•  Once the student has been shortlisted by a company for placement process, he/ she is NOT allowed to contact the members of the team visiting the campus for placement purpose, without prior permission of the Placement Cell.
•  Students selected by an organization and offered appointment may get an additional chance subject to all eligible students have been placed and appointments are still available.
•  For students involve in disciplinary cases, the college management has the discretion to stop them from appearing in any Campus Selection Process.
•  Students are requested to forward contacts they have, if any, in the different companies so that the Placement cell may formally invite these companies for placements.
•  List of Coordinators for the placement activities 2011-2012 will be displayed along with the contact numbers, soon.
•  Students are therefore urged to work towards placement preparations, in earnest right from the 2 nd Year onwards and acquire skills required during placement interviews through courses offered by college or arranged in college campus through outsourcing.
•  The policy is subject to change at a later stage at the discretion of the placement cell. The changes made, if any, at a later stage will be notified to all concerned.