Director's Profile

Date of Birth

Academic Qualifications

  1. B.Tech (Mechanical Engg.)-G.B. Pant University of Ag. & Tech, Pantnagar.
  2. M.E. (Analysis and Design of process equipments) from Allahabad University.
  3. Ph.D (Management) U.P.R.T.O. University, Allahabad

  1. Teaching: 12 Yrs
  2. Industry - 25 Yrs.
  3. Administration
    a. Senior Manager in Public sector undertaking.
    b. HOD (Mechanical Engineering) in different Teaching institutions.
    c. Director of different engineering colleges for 6 years.
  1. Design and manufacturing of first CNG cylinder and CNG cascade made in India.

  2. Ex Member of HMD 16 committee on Gas cylinders, valves and usages of gases.