Director's Message

Knowledge acquisition, assimilation, application and dissemination are becoming increasingly important and vital components for planned development and growth. This is as true for a nation as it is for individuals. Technical and Management sectors of education are playing dominant role in enhancing the growth profile through significant value addition. Today engineers, technologists and managers are perceived to be creators and innovators due to their rich contributions pertaining to technologies, processes and products leading to better quality of life and prosperity.

It is consequently appropriate and natural that an increasing population of young persons are attracted and select engineering and management programmes as career options. In addition to being enjoyable and challenging, these career options provide ample opportunities for exploring exciting knowledge domains and to transform pursuing persons into proficient professionals. Contemporary and futuristic scenarios of growth, globalization and germination of newer frontiers will leap frog the young professionals into world arena and make them globally-employable. If you dream big and aspire to be a global professional, your planning process must commence early. Your choice of institution is one such first but important step in your ardous journey of excellence.

LDC Institute of Technical Studies has been conceptualized and designed to lay a strong foundation for students career. It provides conducive academic ambience and promotes knowledge absorption under the expert guidance of highly qualified faculty, several with international experience, supplemented by a well-endowed academic infrastructure and modern physical facilities. As students grow into eminent alumni, so does their Alma Mater into select band of institutions.

We invite one and all desirous of building globally-competitive careers to join LDC Institute of Technical Studies. Wising all prospective students an excellent career.

Prof. Shailendera Kumar Tewari
M.E., Ph.D